Dear Hollywood Liberals and Coastal Elites

I wrote the letter just below on Jan. 4, 2017 after Hollywood released another political video making demands of congress. I wrote it because I am beyond tired of Hollywood’s rank hypocrisy and condescension. This was days before Meryl Streep’s hypocritical rant at the Golden Globes. Initially, I was content to not publish this; feeling a bit better to just have written it. But after her very public display of hypocrisy and contempt for half the country this is my feeble attempt to get their attention. It won’t change anything but you have start somewhere.

Dear Hollywood liberals and coastal elites:

We are Middle America. The ones who voted for Donald Trump. Just because you’re famous you seem to think that what you say matters – that the country listens to you.

You’re wrong.

You’re wrong.

You are wrong.

After the election your actor friends tried to persuade the republican electors to switch their votes from Donald Trump. Those efforts failed spectacularly. Hollywood’s credibility and influence is so incredibly vast that more electors defected from Hillary (5) than for Trump (2).

Your arrogance and condescension will never allow you to see why no one listens to you and why America voted for big changes. It will also never allow you to see why we – Middle America – are so fed up with Washington and Hollywood.

We are not racist, homophobic, xenophobic or misogynistic. The great people of this incredibly blessed country see through those lies and know they are none of those things. What we are is tired.

Tired of your condescension.

Tired of your contempt.

Tired of being lied to, mischaracterized and misrepresented by politicians and the lying main-stream media.

We are husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents, friends and students all trying to make a living for those we love. We have no reason to listen to you or the lying main-stream media from on high in your coastal ivory towers.

Do you live behind a fence or a wall? If you do, stop your hypocrisy against those wanting to build a wall for our country. If a wall is good enough for you and your personal security, then a wall is certainly good enough for the safety of our country.

Do you have armed security? If you do, stop your hypocrisy against trying to disarm law-abiding citizens with your gun-control schemes. If guns are good enough to protect you and your families, they’re good enough to protect the rest of us. If gun control worked, Chicago in 2016 wouldn’t have posted the highest murder rate in 20 years at a staggering 762 victims. That’s up from 2015’s high of 480 murders. Middle America doesn’t want your lectures. Want proof? See the (ahem) overwhelming success of Ms. Sloan. Ms. Who????

Do you have the option to get healthcare where ever you want? To see which doctor or specialist you want? If you do, stop your hypocrisy in trying to convince the rest of us that Obamacare is good for us. The greatest political lie ever told to the American people is “if you like your health plan you can keep it.”

You fail to understand that Middle America spends our hard-earned money buying tickets to your movies, plays, performances and concerts to set aside our problems and concerns for a time. We respect your talent as actors and performers, not as activists and political hacks and whack jobs.

Your current effort to try to intimidate congress by demanding – DEMANDING – they obstruct President-elect Trump is useless and will be as successful as your elector-switch failure.

In your message, you repeated the lie over and over that Hillary won the majority. For the record, Hillary did not,

Did not,

Did not,

win a majority. Any 4th grade math student knows better that the 48% of the popular vote that Hillary did win is not,

Is not,

Is not,

A majority. What she won is a plurality. A majority of the vote is 51%. You can’t bring yourselves to accept even that simple truth. You can say she won more votes. You can say she won the most votes. But you can’t say she won a majority of the votes.

Deep down you know as well as the rest of us the popular vote doesn’t matter. But it’s the only thing you have to take comfort in after the democrats rightfully got their teeth kicked in on election day. It doesn’t decide our elections.

Here’s a junior high civics lesson for all you Hollywood types that like to think you are smarter than the rest of us: the electoral college decides elections. That is why our candidates campaigned not in California or New York but in places like Iowa and North Carolina and Florida and Pennsylvania and Michigan and Ohio and Wisconsin. Well, Trump campaigned in Wisconsin. Did Hillary campaign in Wisconsin??? Have you bothered to ask her why SHE made that horrible lapse in judgement to not set foot in that all-important state during the campaign?

That’s what happens when you take not just one state for granted but most of the country…you lose it. California is yours. Stay there. You can have it. You, the liberal elite along with the lying main-stream media need to start asking yourselves those types of very hard questions. Until you do, you will remain lost, impotent and incompetent.

So we ask you, stick with what you do best…make movies, dance, sing, perform. In essence, keep playing make believe. That’s what actors do best. But keep your lectures and condescension to yourselves. You are merely entertainers. You are certainly no smarter, no wiser, no more experienced or educated than the wide swaths of the country you disdain but has managed to provide an excellent living for you.

It is time for you to move on and accept that Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. The old rules no longer apply.

America has spoken.

Stop demanding. Start listening.



Thought for the day: Day 28

“Your kids are watching their role model.  Will you show them how to quit or how to win?”

Like Fire In Your Bones

A friend of mine sent me the daily scripture just below and I found it powerful.  It reminded me of what I was going through the past several years.  I shared that experience in this post: want to share both with you.


“…But His word was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones; I was weary of holding it back, and I could not.” (Jeremiah 20:9, NKJV)


In scripture, God gave a promise to Jeremiah that he would become a great prophet and speak to the nations. But Jeremiah was young and afraid. He didn’t see how it could happen. He started telling God all the reasons why it wouldn’t work out. He said, “God, when I get up to speak, people mock me and make fun of me. I’m young. I’m tired. I’m intimidated.” Just when you think he is going to talk himself out of it, he says in Jeremiah 20:9, “Your Word in my heart is like a fire shut up in my bones.” He was saying, “God, I may not see how it can happen. All the odds are against me, but this promise You put in me will not go away. It’s like a fire. It’s alive. I can’t get away from it.”

You may be at a place right not where you could easily give up on what God has placed in your heart. But like Jeremiah, there is a fire shut up in your bones. What God promised you will not die. You can try to ignore it. You can try to talk yourself out of it. Your mind may tell you that it’s never going to happen, but deep down you feel a stirring, a burning, a restlessness. That’s the promise God put in you. He loves you too much to let you be average. He is going to push you into greatness. Get ready because the gifts, the talents, the skills, the ideas, the untapped potential is about to come forth!


Father, Your truth is like a fire shut up in my bones. Help me to see Your plan for me. Help me to stand strong and trust You. Help me to boldly embrace everything You have in store for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

At the end of the interview are you prepared with questions?

You’re nearing the end of your interview.  The interviewer asks you “do you have any questions for me?”

Now what?

Hopefully, you have been asking questions all the way through your interview.  But if not, you better have a good list of questions at the ready or you will be viewed as unprepared and/or disinterested.  Neither option is good.  Here is a quick list (certainly not all-inclusive) of questions you should be prepared to ask.  You can ask questions about the job, the company/culture, your responsibilities or the rest of the interview process.  You can tailor any of them to meet the specifics of your situation.

Here are some examples or thought-starters:

Questions about the job and your responsibilities:

When I start, what would be the top 3 things I would need to address or focus on in my first 30-60 days?  (This is important to ask because regardless of what the description says or what has been discussed in the interview up to this point, their answer will tell you what’s important to them and what they need you to focus on.  It also mentally places you in the position.  You want the interviewer to see you in the position.)

Based on our conversation, do you feel there are any issues with my background and experience that would keep me from receiving an offer?  (Take the opportunity and a pro-active stance to address any objections they may have about your candidacy.  You may not feel comfortable asking about your perceived deficiencies regarding your candidacy but it’s better to ask now in the interview setting where you can address them immediately and get an idea of where their head is rather than to wait to hear you didn’t get the job.)

Questions about the company/culture:

How long have you worked here?  (Are they brand new too?  If so, they may not have great insight into the company just yet.  If this is the case, follow-up with this question: why did you decide to work here?)

What do you like best about your position?  (Do they provide a ‘canned’ answer or do they provide something specific?  Their response could be telling.)

What do you like best about the company?  (Is it the free soft-serve in the cafeteria or is it the autonomy they’re given to do their job?  There’s a wide gap between the two.)

What would you change about the company is you could?  (This will give you a glimpse into how they view the company.)

Questions about the rest of the interview process:                 

Is there anyone else I need to speak with as a part of process? (Companies these days are notorious for not wanting to make a hiring decision. To support this behavior, many of them will throw in additional interviews at that final stage for additional reinforcement of their decision to hire or not hire.)

What is the rest of the process? (Do they know or does it sound like they are making things up as they go?)

When do you intend to make a decision? (Listen carefully to their answer. You will be holding them accountable to this if the process drags on.)

How many other candidates are you talking to? (You want to know as much about your competition as possible.)

When can I expect an offer? (You know what their offer would look like because the salary has already been discussed.)