A Wise Man

Albrecht Dürer - The Adoration of the Wise Man...

Albrecht Dürer – The Adoration of the Wise Man – WGA7111 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A wise man knows how unreliable his wisdom is.

A wise man knows that pride can lead to either honor or shame.

A wise man steers his ambition as if it were a dozer through a schoolyard.

A wise man is conscious that each moment is a passing gift from God.

A wise man is ready to stand alone yet acts in counsel.

A wise man is angered by injustice or evil but submits his anger to the rule of law.

A wise man trusts a wounded bear more than his appetites.

A wise man values character above success.

A wise man will guard his mind as if it were his daughter.

A wise man knows how fickle fame is, how vain is notoriety.

A wise man labors and builds knowing that it will return to dust.

A wise man is ever conscious of the presence of God.

A wise man will pray as a first resort.

A wise man loves one woman as if it were his sole appointment for eternity.

A wise man will father children and then train them as if they were God’s.

A wise man will alleviate the suffering of others but never mention his own.

A wise man will utilize his past mistakes as signposts for the future.

A wise man will love and live each day as if it were his last.

– Author unknown


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